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Costing, Billing & Pricing FAQs

Payment should be made at least 30 mins prior to finishing the job. This will allow us to allocate the nearest next job to our removalist promptly.

We will assign you a dedicated office manager starting from the time of booking till your job gets finished. The office manager will help you to process your payment as well. We accept VISA, MASTER & Amex and all the major banks debit cards. You can also pay us in cash and bank transfers.

Our office/ booking manager will disclose all the costs associated with your job at the time of the booking. Once the booking is confirmed by the customer, an email will be sent confirming all the charges associated with the job.

As long as the job is canceled by the customer 48 hours prior to the move then we will forfeit their deposit. Cancellation on the job day will cost the customer their deposit.

Once we receive the request form or email from the customer we reply with our quote in a few minutes. However, after discussing the job our manager will send a final confirmation email with details of the cost of the job.

With the level of quality of our service, our prices are the best in the industry. And that’s why you don't hear about the last moment cancellation from our company. Auburn Removals is a proper removalist company with over 50 staff members in business since 2007. So, don’t fall in for very cheap prices and end up paying more than you expected.

Auburn removals give free packaging to their customers. We allow our removalist staff to first wrap the items with a heavy-duty blanket and then give a nice layering of shrink or bubble wrap on top of it. The items will be stacked inside the vehicle by an experienced staff avoiding collision of your items in transit.

Moving is not just the loading and unloading of items from one location to another. There are many factors that decide the overall costing of your bill such as access, stairs or lift, extra items, time of the job, weather as removal is a physical job, detailed info about the move, etc. But the minimum hours you can expect for even a studio apartment would be a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

Our service charges are totally time-based. Time starts from the arrival of our removalist at your doorstep until the time we leave the drop-off location. We also don't give the estimation of the job over the phone.

This is a half-hour (30 minutes) fee added to the total time to cover the team's driving to and from your locations at the stated rate. This cost covers the Sydney metropolitan area, which has a fairly reasonable half-hour journey time.

We do not, for our to and from your location. However, during the drop off if a customer wants to use the toll to reach the drop-off location early then we do. As a professional suggestion, it is always safer to use toll because it reduces the overall time of the job too.

Our charges remain the same from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday prices are slightly higher. On public holidays we charge 30% extra than our normal half hourly or hourly rate.

Our booking manager can always help you with the charges of extra labour. It is always convenient to hire an extra muscle power because it will reduce your overall billing since it reduces the time of the job taken.

No, we strictly charge on time-basis.

Insurance FAQs

For further information, please see our removals insurance page. As expert removalists, we have various insurances. However, because your furniture and belongings will be carried at your own risk, we strongly advise you to purchase removals insurance. Check your home and contents insurance; some policies will protect your belongings during a transfer. We are careful movers, but we want you to be protected in the event of a move. For additional information, call Auburn Removals at 0435 768 575.

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