The ultimate guide to how to move interstate!

It can be a scary idea to move your home or business across state, whether it’s to a nearby state or across the entire country. Along with starting over and leaving behind everything familiar to you, interstate moving requires a tremendous amount of physical labour, which you will also need to manage. Even though packing is only a minor portion of the whole interstate moving process, the mere thought of it can cause you to start sweating.

Also, planning a DIY move has dangers and unforeseen costs for long distance relocation. Hiring a reputable interstate removalists can put you in a better position. The distance between a move of 50 miles and one of 2,000 miles differs greatly, thus use professional removalists for the job. 

Fortunately, moving across state lines doesn’t have to be difficult. Our long-distance removalists at Auburn Removals are aware of all the pressures and difficulties associated with interstate relocation and can assist you in making your cross-state move simple and joyful!

There are a few important things to think about when hiring an interstate moving company so that you are prepared and don’t make any costly mistakes. Being well-prepared makes all the difference between a smooth move and one that is stressful and prone to unforeseen costs. We’ll present our top considerations for you to bear in mind when choosing a long-distance removalist.

Moving costs and backloading: make a rational choice!

What factors contribute to interstate move cost?

The cost of an interstate move depends on the entire quantity (volume) and size of the items you’re transporting, as well as how much area they occupy in the truck. This is specified in terms of cubic metres (m3). The price of a truck increases with its size. 

Additionally, the cost of interstate removals is based on the distance that needs to be travelled. Instead of charging on an hourly basis, Auburn Removals provides consumers with a fixed quote. Depending on the state you are going to, the price will also change. Moreover, there are extra fees for trash pickup, storage, and loading and unloading your belongings due to the steep driveway, steps, or lack of local parking. These costs will be part of the fixed quotation, but the additional needs will cost you a little more.

Saving money with Backloading

In Australia, moving to a new state is expensive. However, issues can arise at the last moment. When speaking with a removal business, keep in mind how much of a vehicle you need. You will spend more money if you rent a big truck for less stuff. Thus, backloading can be convenient and cheap for you. Youu don’t have to pay the entire amount to rent a vehicle. An empty vehicle carrying simply your things and no one else’s will cost you more. Backloading resembles a bargain to you in this way. You will just need to pay a percentage of the vehicle’s price if you don’t mind sharing space with some other people.

You will be charged by the removalists for both the miles they must travel while relocating and the cost of the vehicle. A backload service can assist people to reduce a lot of the extra expenditures associated with interstate removals, which are typically more expensive. In return for their customers’ money,  removal companies offer them large discounts. You won’t often spend the same amount regardless of the size of the vehicle you require or the quantity of the goods you wish to transport. Backloading works best when done with thoughtful preparation and reliable service.

How to choose an interstate removal company?

The best long-distance movers will be the ones who can work around every aspect of your moving timeline and price range. But in order to guarantee a great moving experience, there are a few essential qualities to look for in any interstate removalist you intend to hire.


Finding the ideal removalists for how to move interstate requires paying attention to their long-distance moving expertise. Choose a firm that has a long record of happy clients who can speak to their dependability and level of service. Such a company will have likely been in operation for many years and has expereince to carry your belongings safely.

Services Provided

The kinds of services that an interstate moving company can provide should also be taken into account.It’s important to select a moving company that can meet your individual needs because not all of them provide the same services.

Fixed Quotes

So that you can prepare a budget and know what will happen, look for interstate removalists who can provide definite quotations. Additionally, this will prevent you from any unforeseen moving-related expenses.

Challenges while moving interstate

Weather circumstances

We all enjoy pleasant weather, right? Moving companies are really just like us. The ideal scenario includes a clear, sunny day with dry roads, no clouds in the sky, and a temperature that is not too high. However, acquiring these conditions is incredibly difficult.

You need to consider the distance when moving interstate. The weather can hinder your relocation.   During the winter or a rainfall, things can become even more difficult. The flow of traffic slows down in the event of rain or snow. An interstate move can really be affected in situations like these.

But our removalists at Auburn Removals knows how to tackle the bad weather conditions.

Sticking to the schedule

Time management comes as one of the  difficulties associated with interstate moves. The planned schedule is usually difficult to follow. Even without problems, interstate moving takes a long time. You will have a problem if you include terrible weather and malfunctioning vehicles in the equation. 

Customers experience time restrictions when moving. O rganising and packing while selling the old home and purchasing a new one, o On both sides, there is a great deal of pressure. In light of this, if they had to rely on anything, it would be the removalists they choose.

Auburn Removals always plan for any problems that could result in delays and inform their clients is a wise course of action. We give our customers a rough deadline for a smooth move.

Size of the relocation

The transfer becomes more difficult as its size increases. If you have an accurate estimate, handling the difficulties of providing interstate relocation is easier. The online moving quote is a fantastic choice for all moving companies.

There is need not to worry if you are hiring Auburn Removals because there is nothing too big for us. We have years of experience handling interstate relocation. We will provide you a fixed quote after knowing all the information from your side and then will start the move on the scheduled date and time. We know moving to a large distance seems very hectic but we are here to take all your stress!

Vehicle problems

Vehicle problems are an issue regardless of whether you rent out vehicles or have your workers operate the truck. A broken down truck is a major setback while moving across state borders. 

First of all, you are endangering your name if you rent a truck to the consumer. In the centre of the road, they can become trapped. Customer safety is a different aspect of this issue. Any vehicle problem could lead to an accident or even worse.

Because of this, removalists Sydney of Auburn Removals perform routine maintenance inspections of theri vehicles. Additionally, we also have a backup strategy. It is wise to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. If your clients are aware that problems could arise, our removalists know how to demonstrate the fix.

You no longer need to be concerned about moving interstate  because Auburn Removals is on your side. It’s both thrilling and stressful to plan an interstate move. Interstate relocation demands careful planning and numerous technical considerations by adding a further layer of duties, such as becoming used to the large distance and climate of a new state. Thus, this article helps you get to the insights of an interstate move.


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